Our Story


 I created The Retreat Day Spa and Salon with the intention to create harmony by nurturing a connection between peace of mind and a healthy body. I feel it is important to deliver a satisfying and relaxing spa experience in a family friendly atmosphere.  

As a woman, I want to set an example of strong female leadership. Not just for my staff, but also for my daughter.  As a Seward local resident of over 21 years, I feel this salon is a way to give back to the community. I want every guest who comes into the salon to feel that this is a retreat from the stress of daily life. The service is only the surface, and I encourage my staff to dive deep and create an experience. I want every guest to feel renewed on the inside and out. Finally, as a business woman it was important to align my personal beliefs of environmentalism with my professional practices. That is where my decision to become an Aveda salon comes in. They are a high preforming, plant-based product line that treats the Earth with respect. They empower professionals in a female dominated industry, and they commit to providing an experience over a service.

I invite you to retreat with us and experience our difference.


With Love and Respect,

Crista Lee Tritz

Owner and Founder of The Retreat